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About Us


Our mission is to respond to the call of Christ to care for the poor by providing food to those in need in our community; To share the gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation in spiritual nourishment as we are instructed by the Holy Bible. Matthew 25:35-40.

We are a 100% volunteer organization, and many of our volunteers have needed help at one time or another.  Our area has a high percentage of food insecurity, making our mission a challenging one.  Through the help of our volunteers, local churches, and other supporting organizations in the community, we are able to make a small dent and assist those in need. 

By the numbers for 2022:

- Over 24,000 Families Served 49,000+ Boxes of Food

- Gave Out Around 2.3 Million Pounds of Food

This past year was the hardest we have had, and we are thankful we can provide to those in need. We are so grateful that we have so many people who will offer their time, service, and financial support that help us stay in operation. We pray that in 2023 we can continue to do our part in the community with kindness and a love for helping others.

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